The Technology

In this brief overview we shortly introduce the main components of the high-quality products we utilize.

Solar modules

We install crystalline silicon modules as well as cadmium-telluride thin-film modules. In our consultation we will explain the specific features and benefits. For instance, if space is limited, we recommend crystalline silicon modules, which require less space. Due to better weak-light performance, thin-film modules have advantages, if the roof orientation is not optimal, e.g. on flat roofs and for east or west orientation of the roof.

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Our solar modules have the following advantages:

  • designed and produced in Germany
  • black modules in modern design
  • high reliability
  • very good weak-light performance, even under cloudy or low sun conditions energy will be generated efficiently
  • maximum energy yield even at high temperatures
  • long durability and long warranty periods for materials and power output
  • very good CO2-efficiency


For the mounting of the thin-film modules we use insertion system for frameless modules. This specially designed system ensures minimal mechanical tension of the modules and create a homogeneous and visually attractive surface. For our black framed crystalline silicon modules, black anodized mounting rails and module clamps provide a modern and visually appealing design.


Our selected inverters have a product warranty of ten years. These are characterized through high reliability and long durability at highest efficiencies.

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The inverter is the centerpiece of the photovoltaic system, which is why we apply highest standards for quality and performance. Our offered inverters feature the highest degree of efficiency compared against other products on the market. They are flexible in design, have a special technology to increase the efficiency in lower power range and have proven to be extremely robust in operation, very reliable and low-maintenance.

Battery System

Besides an additional island-inverter a powerful battery system is essential to realize a grid-independent photovoltaic system. We use storage systems, which are based on the newest lithium-ion-technology with outstanding life-time of up to 20 years. In addition, the batteries are low-maintenance, space-saving and visually attractive.

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  • 10 years warranty
  • 20 years life-time at 25 °C
  • 5.000 cycles with 25 % DoD at high currents
  • up to 98 % efficiency
  • fast chargeable
  • space saving
  • integrated battery management
  • no memory effect = arbitrary part cyclization

Monitoring and Performance Service

We offer a unique service for yield monitoring of photovoltaic systems. Our team of photovoltaic experts guarantees the use of high-quality monitoring solutions and state-of-the-art PV system modelling that is specifically tailored to your system. Especially we also offer cost-effective solutions for small photovoltaic systems.

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Our Sinaki Yield Monitoring service offers:

  • High-quality and system-specific yield monitoring solutions
  • State-of-the-art calibrated measuring systems for the exact determination of the performance ratio
  • Monthly and annual yield reports with graphical analysis of system performance and key performance indicators
  • Daily analysis of system performance and prompt notification in case of system problems, e.g. loss of yield
  • Expert analysis of the root causes of system problems by our experts
  • Daily data transfer and regular data backups

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