Monitoring und Performance Service

We offer a unique service for yield monitoring of photovoltaic systems. Our team of photovoltaic experts guarantees the use of high-quality monitoring solutions and state-of-the-art PV system modelling that is specifically tailored to your system. Especially we also offer cost-effective solutions for small photovoltaic systems.

Our Sinaki Yield Monitoring service offers:

  • High-quality and system-specific yield monitoring solutions
  • State-of-the-art calibrated measuring systems for the exact determination of the performance ratio
  • Monthly and annual yield reports with graphical analysis of system performance and key performance indicators
  • Daily analysis of system performance and prompt notification in case of system problems, e.g. loss of yield
  • Expert analysis of the root causes of system problems by our experts
  • Daily data transfer and regular data backups

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Sinaki PV plants
447.4 MWh Total yield
501 t CO2 avoidance