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Sinaki is an owner-managed company with the intention to offer and distribute German developed and made photovoltaic systems. We are represented in the sun-rich and equatorial countries Indonesia and Sierra Leone.

In times with rapidly increasing energy costs it becomes more and more important for private households and companies to have access to an independent electricity supply. Our photovoltaic systems increase the independency from electricity providers. With self-consumption you are able to reduce your energy costs and benefit from feeding-in of excess energy into the grid. Furthermore, we offer off-grid systems for a full independency of the energy suppliers. The investment in a photovoltaic system pays off in shorter periods and are a clever alternative to classical financial investments. German products stand worldwide for premium quality and high reliability – including the solar industry. For this reason our photovoltaic systems consists exclusively of solar modules, inverters and storage systems, which are developed and produced in Germany - for your complete satisfaction with highest quality products.

Only the best for you.

With a photovoltaic system from Sinaki you choose a high-quality sustainable technology with an individually tailored service.

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Sinaki PV plants
2103.07 MWh Total yield
2038.6 t CO2 avoidance

Dennis Sie

Managing Director
Dipl-Phys., Specialist field in Radiation Measurement.

Dr. Marco Ernst

Authorized Officer & Shareholder
PhD in physics, Specialist field in Solar Energy Research and Photovoltaics.

Robert Schnaithmann

B.A. Transportation and Logistics, Forwarding Merchant.