We are your strong partner for commercial and private photovoltaics systems. We have international experience on realizting on-grid and as off-grid pv-systems, as well as solar powered uninterruptable electrical power supplies (UPS).

For yield and operating surveillance we offer, also for existing pv-systems, a unique Sinaki Performance Monitoring Service

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Sinaki PV plants
465 MWh Total yield
521 t CO2 avoidance

Indonesia, Total Capacity 168 kWp

In Indonesia we have planned and build up a couple of free-field and roof-top on-grid pv-systems for industrial and business customers.

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System 2016: 35.2 kWp

  • Quantity of Panels: 440
  • Type of Panel: CX3-80
  • Inverter: Kaco Powador 20.0 TL3
  • Quantity of Inverter: 2

System 2017: 59.6 kWp

Systems 2019: 73.4 kWp

  • Quantity of Panels: 226
  • Type of Panel: HS NeMo 60M 325 Wp
  • Inverter: Kaco blueplanet Series
  • Quantity of Inverter: 10
  • Technology of Panel: Mono-Crystalline Silicon

Sierra Leone, Total Capacity 150 kW

In Sierra Leone we are working together with a local project partner located in Freetown. By now we have realized more than 50 off-grid and solar powered UPS systems.

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System for Co-Working Space: 1.6 kWp

  • Quantity of Panels: 6
  • Type of Panel: HS NeMo 60P 265 Wp
  • Inverter: Victron MultiPlus Compact 1600
  • Battery Storage: 5.3 kWh

System for Orphanage and School: 4.9 kWp

  • Quantity of Panels: 18
  • Type of Panel: HS NeMo 60P 270 Wp
  • Inverter: Victron MultiPlus 3000
  • Battery Storage: 10.6 kWh
  • Technology of Panel: Poly-Crystalline Silicon

Germany, Prototype PV-System

Our first roof-top on-grid pv-system was build up in Germany. Amongst others this test system was for testing and developing our Sinaki Performance Monitoring.

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